A Cool Usage of Hidden Cameras With DVRs

Business people, Police and Parents have taken a very huge interest in Hidden Cameras. To keep an eye on theft from staff, parents are buying nanny cameras to safeguard their little one from the babysitter, and Cops to catch the crooks in the act.

In my case, I've constantly pondered what my pet cats do while I'm away. I think they sleep the whole day, however I can't be sure. Whenever I'm inside the house, they chase each other like crazy, they follow me throughout the house, and they hop forward and backward from the couch to my desk.

That is why I figured to set up hidden cameras with DVRs in every rooms. This is the way I can monitor these cats to determine what they do while they are alone in the house. I could possibly shoot awesome footage for videos which could go viral on YouTube. I just wonder just how much these DVR cameras cost and how simple it is to install them.

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